Be Our Couples Influencer Program

Do you have a large, active following (1,000+) on social media networks? 

We are interested in Couples with these large accounts to be our influencers and post photos of our products on their accounts. There are many benefits to our Influencer Program, including:

  1. Free Couples Swag and watches from our Store
  2. Access to discount codes for products from our Store
  3. Access to our Closed Influencer POD Groups for Instagram and Facebook which will help you to increase your current social media followings
  4. The potential to make money from recommending our products to your followings. Check out our Couples Watches Affiliate Program 

Our support network will be on hand to update you on any orders and respond immediately to all of your requests. 

To apply for this awesome program email with links to your social media accounts and a short bio to be considered for the Be Our Couple Influencer Program for the best place to buy Couples Watches and Gifts

Please note that we are limiting this program currently to 100 Influencers, with spots filling rapidly. Contact us today to start our partnership.