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Couples Watches is the brainchild of a hopeless romantic who wanted to celebrate their significant other's birthdays, anniversaries and other special events with a gift that was different to anything they had been given before.
Although it might seem to be a selfish gesture buying a gift for someone else and also receiving one yourself, we don't see it like this (and neither should you!).
We believe that the gesture of buying a Couples Watch set (or any of our other awesome couples gift sets) for a loved one will prove that you truly love & endear them! The best thing of all is that you too get a beautiful timepiece.
We pride our brand on its quality - all of our items have been crafted and chosen because we want to let you buy the best present possible for your loved one.
Do you have any questions about the Couples Watches story? Send Geramie an email at support@coupleswatches.com and he will enlighten you!
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