Splendid Original Brand Stainless Steel Couples Watches

  • $21.99

A New Style for a New You? A design we haven't seen before that shines with creativity and finesse. A style for those that love a mechanical design and want something fresh and cutting edge. A new way to see time and a unique addition to your day.


  • Quartz Movement
  • Stainless Steel Frame & Band
  • Glass Window Material
  • New Iconic Design



Strap full length: 240 mm

Strap width: 20 mm

Dial diameter: 40 mm

Dial thickness: 10 mm

Weight: 68 grams


strap full length: 240 mm

Strap width: 150 mm

Dial diameter: 32 mm

Dial thickness: 10 mm

Wight: 52 grams